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Posted by Clan McGrath on January 7, 2017 at 2:10 AM

A Cháirde,

May I begin by thanking the members of the Clan McGrath Society for their continued support over the past year, it has made my job to represent the interests of our Clan a joy and a pleasure and it is with great pride that I have continued to represent you as the Clan McGrath Ceann Fine (Chief, Chieftain). Since our last edition of THE TERMONER it has been my honour to have travelled widely and meet people from many backgrounds with a deep interest in their Gaelic ancestry and who have reconnected with the Clan McGrath through our website and Facebook pages.


During 2016 the Clan McGrath Society of Ulster has formulated our plans to host our next international gathering in the McGrath Clan territories in Ulster. It was felt that a gathering centred in our northern lands of Termonmagrath and incorporating other significant and cultural sites and experiences in this last Gaelic kingdom, would offer our McGrath diaspora a new and significant historical and cultural experience. The programme for the 2020 Gathering has been carefully considered, as has the venue which will utilise some of the best placed and scenic locations in Ireland.

The Gathering is for the Clan McGrath and by the Clan McGrath and although we welcome the support of may like minded organisations and bodies, the Clan McGrath of Ulster and the 2020 Gathering is independent of any commercial interests, it is not financially reliant on any outside organisations. Our purpose is to promote and preserve the Clan McGrath through cooperation, and to ensure that our kin have every opportunity available to broaden their knowledge and bringing them closer to their ancestral traditions.


In April 2016 I had the immense pleasure of representing the Clan McGrath at the Clans of Ireland Annual General Meeting in Dublin. This year saw an excellent representation of many Irish Clans and historic families. We had the pleasure of a presentation by Professor Dan Bradley, of TCD’s Department of Genetics, who shed new light on the ‘history of the Irish’ though his lecture on DNA which identifies the origins of our ancestors outside Ireland. We also learned from Dr Joe Mannion on the production of the Mannion Clan historical trail and we working towards a similar project to be launched at our 2020 Gathering.


The year of 2016 has been one of commemorations, from Dublin and the Easter Rising, to the Somme battlefield. Both saw members of our Clan serve and pay the ultimate sacrifice. Despite the differing objectives, the one thing united them all was their name and their heritage and history. At the beginning of 2017, I am thinking of them and how circumstances took them on different paths. But with the passage of time, we have now have the opportunity to reflect on their sacrifices and learn from their example of selflessness to guide us in our endeavour to build strong bonds with our neighbours and build lasting bridges in our world, so that we can secure a better and brighter future for all of us.


Our Society continues to grow as does our social media, we now have over 800 followers. As we grow can I encourage to join the Clan Society, details are available on page 1 of the newsletter. As always I am available for your comments and recommendations. Please feel free to contact me via social media, links to our Facebook and Twitter accounts can be found on the ‘Home page’ of our website and on the final page of this newsletter. Please take the time to follow the Clan and myself. You can of course email me directly at

Seán Alusdrann Mac Craith, Ceann Fine



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